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General Questions

If you have general questions about the services we provide we are here to help you! 

Tech Support & Order Support

If you have already placed an order, are having issues with an order or have any questions relating to the SERVO system please submit a support ticket and a SERVO representative will contact you as quickly as possible. Please note that the SERVO tech support department does not have a phone number because they are dedicated to responding through the support ticket system.


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General Questions

SERVO is committed to delivering the most comprehensive yet flexible set of services in the industry. We have defined a step-by-step workflow which can be followed entirely or A la carte where you just use the services that you need when you need them.

We are in the office M-F 10am-4pm EST.

Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox are compatible with the SERVO Ordering website. Please do not use Internet Explorer.

We suggest that you use Google Chrome for the best results and success for the SERVO service.

Don’t have Google Chrome?

Yes! To place any orders on SERVO you will need to create an account. Even though this is part of the Photo Solutions Market family of services it does require an account here on

Because of the way SERVO is price structured there is not a bulk order discount.

No, there is not a rush option for the SERVO services. With the way the system works each order is taken care of in the order they are received and turned around as quickly as possible.

Extractions are typically back within 24 hours and our custom graphics service are typically completed within 72 hours. Please plan accordingly and understand that you can’t rush items through the SERVO system.

With our extraction service you do have the ability to shoot any solid screen color, unfortunately we do not discount specific for green screen images.

When your order is completed you will receive an email notifying you that it is ready to download in your account.

No. SERVO is a completely separate service and any specials, discounts or codes that are available on Photo Solutions Market will not apply to servo.

We recommend that you shoot images for extractions on white or green screen backgrounds instead of out in the field. This way you can ensure there is no overlap of the subject with the environment. Also, it provides the contrast necessary for a cleaner extraction. However, it does not matter what your image is shot on. SERVO will extract your person from any background!

Unfortunately, we cannot take payments outside of our system.

Those would both be custom edits. We would need to see the images that need the edits along with your edit instructions so that production can provide a quote for processing. We will provide the quote for you within 1 business day. Please submit a support ticket so that we can help you with this request.

We do not provide printing services for our designs at this time. Most of our poster services are designed in a 2:3 ratio only so these will experience some cropping if printed as a 5X7 or 8X10. The best fitting sizes to print these banners are 4X6, 10X15, 12X18, 14X21, 16X24, 18X27, 20X30, 22X33 or 24X36.

The exceptions being our Panoramic design and Xtreme Team designs are designed for a 1:3 and 4:5 ratio respectively. The Xtreme team is the only option that will fit a 8X10 without and cropping.

Payment FAQ

We do not accept PayPal payment. Payment must be made via card through our order entry system.

We do not accept PayPal payment. Payment must be made via card through our order entry system. We accept all major credit cards.

Ordering FAQ

Once you have selected and purchased your service you can go back into your SERVO account and into your orders. You will see that you can now upload your photos that you wish to use on that order.

This applies to all orders

After payment is completed you will be directed to the uploader page to upload your images.

Please log into your servo account, go to my account>orders and use the submit images button next to your order ID to upload any additional images.

Please check your internet browser. This is a common problem with Internet Explorer. Please retry your order with Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox.

If you are having issues uploading your images, double check the process to make sure you are uploading correctly. In the upload box you can “Browse” to find the file your images are located. Once your file is selected, click the “Upload” button next to “Browse”. If you forgot an image or your company logo you can still “add files” while your first images are uploading and then can upload the new images as well. Once all images are uploaded then you will click “Finish” to return to your orders page.

If you are experiencing problems uploading more than one photo at a time check your browser.

Internet explorer is not compatible with uploading more than one photo at a time.

If you are a MAC user the following browsers allow multiple uploads: Safari, Firefox, Chrome

If you are a PC user the following browsers allow multiple uploads: Chrome, Firefox

If you try your card more than twice and it is not accepted your bank will block it. We are not able to do a block. It generally takes 24 hours to remove the block. You may want to call your bank. Also,when retrying after 24 hours please make sure your card has not recently expired.

It is possible that the link for your order is corrupted. This can happen from time to time. Please submit a support ticket and we will fix the issue as soon as possible!

It takes 2-24 hours for production to upload your final files back to your account once we have received an approval.

Please submit a support ticket with the order number and we will take care of that for you.

Log into your servo account, go to my account>orders and there will be a submit images button next to each order.

Please go to my account>profile after you log into servo, reenter entire ccredit card number and information